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This sample application demonstrates how to build a quick Google Mapsapplication. This demo consists of two files, the HTML and the JavaScript.The HTML page has the following three blocks:1. title2. map3. Google Maps map tagFirst, you need to include the Google Maps API JavaScript file in your HTML or create aseparate.js file with the above API and insert it in your.html file.The example we just described demonstrates the most basic way of using GoogleMaps. Youcan find an interesting example of more advanced Google Maps application in thefollowing article:"Geo-Widgets with GoogleMaps."-CreateGeoClass-CreateGeoClass-Learn about creating complex JavaScript widgets for Windows applications.Click the picture to read the article.-CreateManifest-CreateManifest-Create a WebBrowser 4 Widget Manager class to handle all the setup and configurationas well as reporting and events.-CreateRectangleControl-CreateRectangleControl-Create a rich rectangle widget.-Geo-widget structure-Geo-widget structure-Describe the structure of the Geo-Widget class.-Geo-widget1-Geo-widget1-Create a top level Geo-Widget that uses the Map widget that we covered in the previousdemo. The top level Geo-widget can contain any Geo-Widgets.-Geo-widget2-Geo-widget2-Create a Geo-Widget that uses a google.maps.Map widget, and which has a custom titlewidget.Requirements:■ Yahoo Widget Engine■ Requires an installation of additional component 'WebBrowser4Widgets' from www.CentralTopic.comGoogleMaps MVC Component Descriptiotn:-Map class-Map class-Image imageImage control. The complete source for the image control.-MapView-MapView-Create the most basic view for a google.maps.Map widget.-MapView1-MapView1-Create a MapView for a google.maps.Map widget.-MapView2-MapView2-Create a MapView for a google.maps.Map widget. The second MapView may serve as acontainment widget for any UI.-MapView 08929e5ed8

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