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The Intensive Healing Retreat, one of Spring Forest Qigong's biggest annual events.
Master Chunyi Lin will be revealing healing wisdom that you can use to transform the energy within you, he will also be doing deep healing on you along with our Spring Forest Qigong healers.

Discover how to get to the root-cause of your challenges and transform those energy blockages from the deepest level, so you can live with more energy, love, and perfect healing.

Itinerary, travel dates and prices will be advise shortly...June 2020.

Location :

Crowne Plaza Minneapolis West,
3131 Campus Drive, Plymouth, Minnesota 55441

These Qigong healing secrets go away beyond " Energy Healing ", : Alternative Healing ",  and " Holistic Healing ". This is the type of healing you MUST HAVE if you want a long-term, sustainable, root-cause level of healing. 

''Healing Retreat''

from Spring Forest Qigong

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