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About Us


‘’Raising your vibration is like flying, because both give you a better view of life’’





Divine Guided Tours was established to offer a wide variety of authentic opportunities for humanity to connect with the divine in a vibrant range of flavours, cultures and religions.


Constantly drawn to the exquisite, divine energy of Sripuram and the kaleidoscope of colours, culture and devotional ritual that exist to assist us to connect beyond the physical dimension, raise our vibration and lift our spirits.


At Divine Guided Tours we will be there to support and guide our guests on this unique Ashram experience and joy-filled adventure.


GENA is the founder of Divine Guided Tours has more and 20 years’ experience working in the travel industry for a British based Company providing her with a unique, in-depth understanding of clients and their needs when they are travelling far from home.
She is a certified Qigong Energy Healer and Qigong Practice Group Leader and operates a successful healing and Qigong group classes in Melbourne.

I was inspired to create Divine Guided Tours after I took my our own ‘leap of faith’ and travelled to Sripuram.

I have returned many times since, embracing the gentle culture and peaceful ambience of Ashram life, immersing myself in deep spiritual, devotional practices and exploring the many flavours of the divine through mantra, spiritual practices and being in the various colourful temples and holy places. Nothing could really prepare me for coming face to face with the Spiritual Leader, Sri Shakti Amma and connecting with her grace and unconditional love.

 I warmly invite you to join me in a magical, mystical journey of a lifetime.

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